Mustard Seed Farm

Marykate Glenn - Farmer
Mustard Seed Farm grew out of connection with Moriah Pie and Parish Farm in Norwood, a suburb of Cincinnati Ohio. Mustard Seed Farm is in Morning View, KY, connected like a scion to the urban farming collective just across the river in Cincinnati. In 2017 I began working with the Parish Farmers, who ran a pay-what-you-can pizza restaurant called Moriah Pie (now a cafe open 7am - 11am Wed, Thu, Fri, 1766 Mills Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45212). After growing for organic market farms and sliding scale CSAs for the previous ten years, this new model of distributing the harvest was inspiring to me. I learned a lot from the Moriah Pie community and Mustard Seed Farm is how I'm deepening that connection. 

This farm supplies produce for a sliding-scale CSA for neighbors, and wholesales to Healthy Harvest Mobile Market. It's also a place for skill-shares and workshops: opportunities for folks to share the skills of producing food and tending land regeneratively. Mustard Seed Farm is founded on the understanding that opportunities for healing abound when we connect to the landbase- we reconnect to culture, place-based knowledge, and we internalize that our health and the health of the land are woven together.

Sliding Scale Farm Shares

Community Supported Agriculture

Mustard Seed Farm collaborates with other beginning growers to supply CSA shares. Integrating our distribution this way opens up so many exciting opportunities to support and strengthen each other's work. We hope to continue getting food to the widest membership possible in our community. Contact us for more payment options, or short-season shares at a pro-rated price. Let's find a way to welcome everyone to the table.

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